Employee welfare is of paramount importance for all the major players within industrial environments but not more so that for those supplying operatives offshore to the Gas and Oil industries for example.

Unlike for Government employees there is often no organised safety net for long term security in the form of savings plans, pensions, medical care and insurance not to mention tax and legal issues for such personnel and in today’s working environment securing a long term lifestyle and financial strategy, which is flexible enough to support a person through their working life, is crucial.

For such groups and many more besides, our free events can provide financial information and a forum for personnel to consider their options so that they can plan ahead intelligently. Often offered as part of a Corporate support package, ICS work closely with employers and agencies to share thought-provoking ideas and concepts with their groups and can provide contacts with our Associates for further discussion if required.

We have associations with companies that are specialists within their respective fields and have experience dealing with the likes of ex-pat and off-shore personnel to ensure that the information received is up to date, correct and most important of all given by people who are UK registered and fully qualified.

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