For all of the groups below, and many more besides, our free events provide financial information and a forum for personnel to consider their options so that they can plan ahead intelligently.

In today’s working environment securing a long term financial strategy, which is flexible enough to support a person through their working life is crucial. Our free financial awareness events deliver key information in relation to financial planning, tax issues, Health/Life/Critical illness cover, legal matters and general financial awareness.

Working with companies that are specialists within their respective fields and have experience dealing with the likes of ex-military, maritime and security operatives we ensure that the information received is up to date, correct and most important of all given by people who are UK registered and fully qualified.


...sometimes ex-military personnel can overlook their finances, let ICS help...

ICS has strong links with ex-military and government service personnel. We know from experience that making the transition into the private sector can bring financial rewards, but that it can also lay major hurdles along the way that can be daunting.

With a lack of accessible information, busy work schedules and hectic social lives, ex-military personnel can sometimes overlook their finances, which can lead to a ‘head in the sand’ approach to their financial planning.

This lack of knowledge, often caused by the absence of a structured support network, can result in poor choices and decisions re important financial planning, tax, insurance and legal matters all of which could have major implications later on in life.

Close Protection

...there is no organised safety net for long term security when planning finances and the future.

With the ever changing political arena and trouble spots emerging around the globe, the need for well-trained close protection officers is growing rapidly.

Unlike for Government employees there is no organised safety net for long term security in the form of savings plans, pensions, medical care and insurance not to mention tax and legal issues for Close Protection personnel.

At ICS we recognise this having learned the hard way through first-hand experience.


Spending lengthy periods of time literally ‘offshore’ creates unique opportunities

Recent years have seen an increase in modern day piracy and the number of qualified ship security officers has dramatically risen.

Spending lengthy periods of time literally ‘offshore’ creates unique opportunities for financial planning. However, it can cause pitfalls in relation to tax obligations, currency transactions, and to insurance, be it life, health or critical illness cover.