For Corporates & Groups

Welcome to ICS

International Concierge Services (ICS) is a dedicated cooperative of like-minded people who are focused on providing your personnel with sound financial information through bespoke events and our website, in partnership with companies who provide advice and products specifically tailored to a wide range of industries.

ICS will work with you to ensure that your event is tailored to suit your business, your personnel and the environment in which you work.

What The ICS Group do

  • ICS provide FREE unique financial awareness events for your personnel as part of the support package offered by the business or group.

  • We help the attendees understand the benefits of designing their own financial plan, managing their finances and seeking the correct information to help them build their own plan

  • If requested we can introduce attendees to professional companies that will answer their questions and give accurate, clear, up-to-date information, which is easily understandable, from fully qualified and experienced experts with knowledge of the relevant situation.

  • We give you advice to help your personnel spot issues within their finances and hopefully stop them getting into financial difficulty.

Why hold a Seminar?

To provide a beneficial support service specifically tailored to your industry to give your personnel a financial insight to enable them to make clear well-informed decisions when planning for their financial future.

Because it’s FREE!

What we don't do...

WE DON’T SELL PRODUCTS, we just assist your personnel in building their own financial plan.

Tailored to your needs...

We are happy to discuss our events with interested parties, with a view to tailoring a seminar to suit the needs of the corporate or group and their own personnel.

If you are interested in holding an event for your Business or Group, please contact us and we will be in touch to discuss your requirements further.