Often envied for their seemingly luxurious lifestyles it is regularly forgotten that the career of a sportsman/woman is often relatively short-lived, and whilst the majority enjoy a very comfortable lifestyle, it is only the very select few that make it through to the mega-bucks league.

With this in mind it is of major importance that such people plan ahead and give thought to their long-term lifestyle and financial strategy, to ensure it is flexible enough to support them through their working life and afterwards through whatever career choices they may make at that stage.

For such groups and many more besides, our free events can provide financial information and a forum for personnel to consider their options so that they can plan ahead intelligently. Often offered as part of a support package, ICS work closely with employers and agencies to share thought-provoking ideas and concepts with their groups and can provide contacts with our Associates for further discussion if required.

We have associations with companies that are specialists within their respective fields and have experience dealing with the likes of sporting personnel to ensure that the information received is up to date, correct and most important of all given by people who are UK registered and fully qualified.

Case Study - ICS visit Hamilton Academical

First financial awareness seminar to be held in Scotland at the home of Hamilton Academicals Football Club with guest presenter Frank McAvennie; organised and presented by Simon of The ICS Group and Associates

This seminar with guest presenter Frank McAvennie was a superb presentation that was hard -hitting but interjected with humour and realism, and brought the message home to those in attendance that Football isn’t all about the mega pay-packets that some of the big names receive. It is all too easy to be drawn into a world of promises and make believe that all too often can lead to a future that is not as rosy and financially watertight as it could be and it doesn’t take much for the downward spiral to begin.

Listening to the recollections of Frank who seemed to have the world at his feet as a young footballer, it is to be hoped that today’s young players can learn from his mistakes and plan ahead to lead the life that they all dream of with a secure future. Supported by the team of Associates, Frank together with Simon of the ICS Group, was able to raise awareness, answering queries as they were raised and steering the audience towards thinking about a properly planned future.

With the seminar being covered by BBC Scotland (see link to the right), and also reported in the Daily Record (see here) this seminar looks like being the first of many within the sporting world.

BBC Scotland

Coverage of the ICS visit by the BBC